Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blog moving over to Wordpress

I'm leaving this blog up but it's really time consuming to keep two blogs of essentially the same content, so I'm moving over to posting exclusively at
And anyway, Google doesn't like duplicate content. So from now on just hop on over. I've got lots going on, the time seems to shrink but it's all a fun, creative process.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Goodreads Paperback Giveaway in April Wishing on a Rodeo Moon

Ever since Tye Jenkins was seventeen she'd been head over heels for Jake Miller, but she'd been too young and she'd chosen rodeo instead of Jake. Now, ten years later unfinished business brings them together, the same night Tye suffers a devastating bull riding accident. With her rodeo career in limbo and Tye hurt and shattered, she's suddenly back in Jake's territory. Jake will help Tye get well, but when it's over, he's the one walking away this time. Driven by determination, Tye is hell bent on returning to rodeo. Can Jake's strength help Tye's broken spirit and will Tye heal Jake's heart or will her love of rodeo rip them apart forever?

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Goodreads Paperback Giveaway for March and Read an eBook Week at Smashwords with half off!

The new paperback giveaway this month is "Hear Me" the last book in the Faeries Lost Trilogy. Kirklas and Sara's story! You can enter to win the paperback but the ebook won't be out until March 14th!

This week over at Smashwords is Read an Ebook Week, so I'm offering 50% off on all my romances (except pre-orders). Here's the coupon to hop on over to my page and pick up your romance, in whatever format you read! RAE50

Grace Brannigan on Smashwords

Friday, February 20, 2015

Young Adult Web page

I'm working on a new webpage for my Young Adult Series. The Time Runners. It seems only sensible to separate the YA from my romance books. I will also be putting together a paperback version of the first book in the series, Time Chaser, in regular format and the second half of the book will be OpenDyslexic format for those with reading difficulties.

In the meantime, Time Chasers will be available everywhere in ebook format on March 4.

Here's my webpage with all the links!