Monday, April 30, 2012

Upcoming Titles!!

Echoes from the Past is available on Kindle. This is the first in the Women of Character Series, all stand alone books about women facing issues of modern living with strength and integrity.

Christie is on the run from her life. She's had so much loss, her sister Ellen's death after a long illness, custodial loss of her sister's young son -- emotionally, she's exhausted. She leaves home, landing in Kentucky, finding the address on a 2 year old letter from her oldest sister Judith, who ran away when Christie was small. Instead of finding her sister, she finds Judith's husband and little girl, and so, three wounded souls doing the best they can, just needing to realize all they need is each other to heal.

Next in the series is Once and Always, a contemporary romance about a woman who's fallen on hard times. She losing her ranch due to an accident years before which left her with facial scarring. She must take drastic action to save her home, and leases it to the only man she ever loved, the man whom her family jailed and then ran out of town eight years before.

Heartstealer is 3rd in the series, a contemporary romance about a fun loving woman stunt skydiver who's lost her edge after a devastating skydiving accident. She takes an assignment at a ranch resort in the Catskill Mountains, hoping to regain her life and her equillibrium. What she doesn't count on is the blue eyed, no nonsense owner of the resort.

The next and 4th Book in the series is Wishing on a Rodeo Moon. Tye is a risk taking, partying cowgirl, a circuit bullrider at the top of her class, until the night a bull drops dead and pins her beneath him. She loses her leg below the knee and must figure out who she is without rodeo, something that defined her life for so long. Rodeo also lost her the man she loved -- Jake. When solid, dependable Jake offers a lending hand, Tye wonders if they can ever recapture the love they once had.

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