Thursday, June 7, 2012

Short Excerpt Echoes from the Past

Her smile disappeared and she came to her feet once more. "I, uh, was on the road when  I saw your daughter in trouble. Actually, I’m looking for Judith Kelly. The last address I have for her is this place."
The hair on the back of Garrett’s neck stood up and a band tightened around his chest. "Why?"
"Do you know her?"
Know her? Garrett stared at Christie, searching for God knew what. He saw only honest inquiry on her face. "Why do you ask?" he said instead, knowing there was an edge to his voice.
"She’s my sister. I need to find her."
"Christ." Garrett took a deep breath, then another. He cleared his head. "Judith had no family."
Now Christie’s eyes widened. "She left home a long time ago, but she had family."
"Can you prove that?"
"I -- I can’t. At least, not at this moment. I had a letter from her."
"Let me see the letter."
"I don’t have it on me."
Beginning to feel annoyed, Garrett half turned away. "I need my housekeeper to look at your head and then I'll call you a taxi." Christie hurried behind him as he walked up the drive to the house.
"Listen, just tell her Christie’s here," she said urgently. "It's been a long time but I know she’ll see me."
"You can’t see her."
She grabbed his arm. "I’ve come a long way."
Garrett stopped, fighting the dull numbness inside his chest. He faced her squarely. "My wife -- Judith, died almost two years ago."

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