Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Writing and Soulmates Through Time - time travel

Just read a good book, Stephen King's On Writing. I really liked learning about how he writes. He's obviously a seat of the pants writer, just as I am. I always felt kind of out of it when in writer's groups they'd talk about how everything is plotted down to the last second. I know that works for some people but my brain and creative sensors just rebel at that idea.

Well, I've written for years, just go in and write and the story comes out. It kind of reflects my life and personality, lol, I don't like restrictions or rules in general.  Either it's a product of me working for myself or working for myself it's become a by-product.

I'm going through Soulmates Through Time for the last edit. I've changed the story line just a tad because what I had, there were a few spots that weren't working. So now it's been changed and tweaked here and there and I've added some new elements. Once Upon a Remembrance comes in about 85k words, Soulmates Through Time is about 82k and still subject to change.

I'm very excited by the small changes I've made in the story line. I really feel it's giving it a bit more depth and there actually made be another book in it. We shall see.  That would make the series a Quadrilogy. Does that sound weird or what?

Actually, the contemporary romance Women of Character series is a Quadrilogy, but I haven't called it that. Hmmm.

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