Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Short Excerpt Soulmates Through Time

copyright 2012 Grace Brannigan
You have always been ruled by emotion, Elise. You follow your heart, which is not bad, but not always good."
            Several women walking alongside the road in a group waved to Mandine, their stares openly curious as they rested on Elise.
            "How long have you lived here in this village?" Elise asked.
            Mandine shrugged, stopping the cart beside her cottage. "However long Darien has lived here. I do not count days or years."
            "You came here the same time as Darien?"
            "When he came from the sea and settled here, I too came to this newly established town."
            "You mean you followed him?"
            She nodded, a small cackle escaping her. "In a way. I was here first. I knew you would return one day. I could not follow you, so I came to be with him."
            "Does he know this?"
            "He suspects it, but what can he do?"  She laughed again. "What can he do about it? I am a gypsy."

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