Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soulmates Through Time Small excerpt

Soulmates Through Time, Small excerpt, Grace Brannigan copyright 2012
"My dear that is probably the first true word you have spoken since your arrival. It is all a lie." He walked to the door, his head and shoulders stiffly set.
 "Darien," Elise was unable to stem the heartbreak which cracked her voice, "please say you will wait to marry." He moved further away from her. "You know you cannot."
 "Lawyers can make all kinds of things go away." Darien flung the door open and strode angrily through it, out the hallway and up the stairs to the second level.
 Taking the stairs two at a time, he heard the echoing reverberations as the door hit the wall. At the top landing he paused, the pain and anger which he had kept inside all these years so unbearable he felt like weeping, something he hadn't done since he was a boy.
 Straightening his shoulders, he entered his suite of rooms, carelessly closing the door with his heel. He reached for the decanter, tilting the glass so the light filtered through the sparkling liquid, turning it a deep, rich reddish brown, exactly the color of her hair . . ..
 With a low growl, Darien flung it away from him, sinking down into a chair, unmindful of the glass shattering, whiskey running down the wall like rivulets of blood.

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