Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book 2 in time travel trilogy

Soulmates Through Time, book 2 in the Women of Strength Trilogy. This week I will be doing a final read through of this story, about 95k, whew! and then passing it along to a reader who will help me with cohesiveness in the story, clarity, dropped information, etc. Stuff you sometimes just skim over when reading your own work.
This is Book 2 in the Trilogy, but actually all three books in this series happen in almost the same time sequence. They involve the Remington family, each with their own unique story, but all stories center around and are linked by family, whether it’s a good scenario or not you’ll have to read the stories. :-)
I love including family and women’s strength in dealing with issues in times of crisis. Throw a modern gal into 1894 and see what happens.  Or how about my 39 year old heroine Elise, drop her back into the time where she really belongs…. or does she? And then of course there’s one of my favorite characters that asked for his own story Eric (formerly Rufus) a pirate who’s life of looting suits him just fine, until a sea siren turns his heart and head upside down.

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