Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Once Upon a Remembrance

First book in the time travel trilogy is Once Upon a Remembrance. I'm very excited to be putting this trilogy out there. It was written back in the 1980's and I have totally revamped the Women of Strength Series. It was never published, but will be coming to an ebook device, computer, phone, etc., near you. I will be posting it on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and also my website at for sale. I also sell my ebooks on

Time travels are the books I really, really enjoy. My first series were 4 books, contemporary romance, the Women of Character series, stand alone books about strong women and the cowboys who love them. This series is out and complete!

Now, the time travels are not your run of the mill read. There's twists and turns, adventure, strange time periods, moving from one time line to another, name changes. In other words, lots of fun to read!!

First book is Once Upon a Remembrance, Isabeau Remington, Hawk and Pierce Morgan. No, not a ménage a ̀trois. I don't write that, that's another author.

Isabeau gets bounced to 1894 and meets some interesting characters. Turns out someone is trying to kill Hawk Morgan, and she's the one who's pulled into that time to help him out. Hawk is a sea captain and plantation owner. Isabeau has a few secrets and a few tricks up her sleeve. You see, her family has time traveled before. And....

....that leads us into Soulmates Through Time. This story is set in the present time and 1822 and 1846. This story is about Elise Remington, Isabeau's 39 year old mother. She's a hot romance writer, but all she ever really wanted was Darien Remington, the man she's always loved. Elise was sent to the 21st century and Darien's been back in time. They've been separated 24 years. That's a long time for true love to hold up. Imagine Darien's surprise and anger when Elise shows up back in 1846! She's lived not a day without thinking of Darien, while he's done everything possible to erase her from his memory.

There's many paranormal elements that I hope my readers will thoroughly enjoy, not the least of which is Mandine the gypsy. And now....

Treasure So Rare is the third and last in the time travel trilogy. This is Erik Remington's story, a handsome pirate with a silver tongue. In 1849, Erik's ship gets sucked into a vortex and pulls him into the middle ages. Forced to assume another identity, Erik comes face to face with the sea witch who's haunted him for three years, and she thinks he's the marauder who attacked her many years before. How can trust ever  survive when built on lies and deception?

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