Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making every word count

For me there's a big sense of accomplishment in completing a book. I've been doing it a very long time, and with each project that is finished, it's sometimes hard to get your head out of the story. It's almost like you're living it while you're writing it. Sometimes I'd dream of scenes in a book, so it stays with me awhile, perculating I guess you could say.

So now the perculation is almost complete on Soulmates Through Time. This is book 2 in the time travel trilogy, and Elise has traveled back into time to finally find Darien, her one true love, 24 years later. Elise is not 19 or 25 or 28, she's 39 years old. She's raised her daughter and is now on her own. She's always looked back to the man she left behind, and now is her opportunity to find out if he still loves her, if she still loves him, or if it was all a romantic fantasy she yearned after as a 15 year old in 1822.

Geesh. Think about it. It's got to be pretty hard returning to someone you loved that long ago. Her leaving was veiled in mystery, but out of necessity, she could not stay. You'll have to read the time travel to find out more, but this is only book 2, there's one more after this coming in 2013.

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