Friday, February 1, 2013

New covers, stories, faeries and print editions

I finished the faerie meets cop/rancher story and I really had a lot of fun with it. I'm liking the fantasy world more and more. It ended up being a bit longer than I planned. I planned for a 80 page short and it's actually about 100 pages, 32k words. And, as I'm writing the story, people starting popping up and other stories are asking to be told. Doesn't that just figure?

So, I am probably changing the cover, and the title and this will be part of a Faerie Series, not sure what it's called yet. This is actually book 2, because Lilja's sister in the book popped up, one of those things, and her story happened before she meets I am going to write book 1 in February. I really want to write Book 3 though, because that is Lilja's friend who suddenly became really important....

So, from about Jan 1 to January 30, I wrote the 32k words. Did my own NaNoWriMo challenge. So I'm planning the same for February, with either Book 1 or Book 3. I'm thinking there's going to be 4 or 5 books in this series. We shall see.

Also, I'm having my Women of Character contemporary  romance (4) covers all updated. I'm very excited and using Steph's Cover Design. She does fantastic covers. Check her out. And very reasonable too!

And last but not least, I am toying with the idea of printed books. They will be available through Amazon. First book up -- with new cover, will be Echoes from the Past. Will post info when I have it. I've just learned how to format for CreateSpace, a nifty tutorial by India Drummond on YouTube.

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