Sunday, March 3, 2013

Heartstealer FRee on Kindle March 4

Heartstealer by Grace Brannian
Heartstealer is FRee on Amazon Kindle March 4 to 8th, celebrating Read an eBook Week and my brand new cover! Get your copy Heartstealer on Amazon
Check to make sure the free is in effect when you buy.
Jacie Turner, a professional stuntwoman, is afraid she's lost her edge. Following an aerial stunt gone wrong and then her fiancé running out on her, she's determined to restore her pride and her life.

Needing time away from well-meaning family, she accepts a skydiving job at Timber Falls in the Catskill Mountains. When Jacie meets one of the resort owners Sloan Wright, sparks fly. He is a man who will tempt her, love her and possibly change her forever.

Sloan recognizes fun loving Jacie as the type of woman who could disrupt his well ordered life, if he allowed it. As they get to know each other, he delves into Jacie's past while she begins to peel away the layers that keep him locked behind a wall of reserve. If they can trust who they really are, then the future holds unlimited possibilities.

When accidents begin to plague the resort, they have to work quickly to solve the deepening mystery before the consequences become Jacie.
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