Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wishing on a Rodeo Moon FRee Monday through Thursday - Get Yours!

"Wishing on a Rodeo Moon" by Grace Brannigan. Western romance FRee on Amazon Kindle Monday 6/17 to Thursday 6/21. Get yours this week, it won't be free again in 2013. Feel free to SHARE.

Originally published 2001 under the title Cowgirl Be... Mine. Re-edited 2013.

Ever since Tye Jenkins was seventeen she'd been head over heels for Jake Miller, but she'd been too young and she'd chosen rodeo instead of Jake. Now, ten years later unfinished business brings them together, the same night Tye suffers a devastating bull riding accident.

With her rodeo career in limbo and Tye hurt and shattered, she's suddenly back in Jake's territory. Jake will help Tye get well, but when it's over, he's the one walking away this time.

Driven by determination, Tye is hell bent on returning to rodeo. Can Jake's strength help Tye's broken spirit and will Tye heal Jake's heart or will her love of rodeo rip them apart forever?

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