Saturday, July 20, 2013

Once Upon a Remembrance time travel FRee

Once Upon a Remembrance, book one in my time travel trilogy, will be free a few days this week, starting Sunday, July 21. Links to various countries below.

Once Upon a Remembrance: Book 1 Women of Strength time travel trilogy: Photographer Isabeau Remington travels to 1894 Virgina and falls in love with a man she must ultimately leave behind when she returns to her own time…but things are not always as they seem.

Modern day photographer Isabeau is pulled from the present time and thrust back into the year 1894 in Virginia. She must help save Hawk Morgan, a man threatened by a killer, a man endangered by his own erased memories. Hawk must survive in 1894 so his present day ancestor Pierce Morgan, will be alive in Isabeau’s future.

Isabeau begins to fall in love with Hawk Morgan but with both their future’s uncertain and a killer on the loose, neither one of them may have a tomorrow to look forward to.

This has been an experiment with Amazon Kindle since February of this year and this will probably be the last book I offer for FRee this year. So grab your copy, please make sure it’s marked free when you do purchase. Have fun. As always, reviews appreciated if you enjoy the book. Thanks! :-)


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