Saturday, April 28, 2012

Echoes from the Past on Kindle

"Echoes from the Past" now available on Kindle.  This contemporary romance is the first stand alone book in the Women of Character Series.

I wrote this story long before I had any experience with cancer, and while the main character Christie takes care of a sister who ultimately dies from this disease, when I pulled this manuscript out and re-read it, it brought back so many memories of my own family member's battle with cancer, which happened after this story was written.  Although cancer and alcoholism can be seen as minor themes in this contemporary romance, the heroine Christie's life is overshadowed by these family experiences in her life.

Christie's basically on the run from her life, overloaded, and just needing to heal so she takes off on a quest to share memories of her deceased sister with another sister she hasn't seen since she was a child.  She ends up in Kentucky and meets the hero Garrett and her sister's daughter Hannah, and therein the story really begins.

Christie, Garrett and Hannah all need healing, but of course on that journey they all push each other this way and that way and AWAY from each other, until ultimately, the healing journey begins.

I hope you enjoy my romance "Echoes from the Past" as much as I enjoyed writing it. Check back to see when Once and Always, Heartstealer and Wishing on a Rodeo Moon are also available.

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