Friday, September 7, 2012

Tonight I'm working on Treasure So Rare

It's the last book in the time travel trilogy and Rufus nee Erik is changing the story on me just a bit. He's a pirate, you see, or he used to be one, but now he's chasing scalaway smugglers and slave runners across the Atlantic. He's a fun guy, great sense of humor, a bit on the blustering side, but a heart of gold. He's sailing the seas, the love of his life, thinking of a black haired witch who's had him entranced since their meeting four years before. She literally dropped into his life from out of nowhere, they spent 7 glorious days on the sea, and then just as suddenly, she was gone, taking with her his heart.

Erik was (is) in the second book in the trilogy, Soulmates Through Time. He's the 1/2 brother of the hero, Darien. Those Remingon men are handsome men to be sure, and Erik (Rufus) was so dynamic in book 2, I had to give him his own story. Of course. So now we have to let him find the black haired witch, but he might have to get a bit uncomfortable first, get out of his comfort zone of the 1840's and meet her in her world, 600 years in the past.

Aye, it's a story you'll be telling your grand children, how Erik and Iliana met. But wait, there's an entire mystery around Iliana, because no one in this Women of Strength trilogy is ever what they seem.....

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