Sunday, February 17, 2013

Treasure So Rare Free this week only

Time travel romance with strong elements of fantasy. Free for a limited time this week, then the regular price is $3.99.

ABOUT Treasure So Rare

Treasure So Rare is book 3 in the Women of Strength time travel series. Time travel/fantasy. This book was a NaNoWriMo winner in the 2012 writing challenge.

Captain Erik Remington has been haunted for three years by a black haired sea witch. They spent seven glorious days and nights before she vanished as mysteriously as she appeared.

In 1847, when his ship is pulled into a strange vortex, he and his crew end up in middle ages England. Forced to assume the identity of Weinroof of Camdork, a man with a reputation as a brutal beast, he travels to the home of the man's affianced, the Lady Iliana.

This world is nothing like the England of history books. Danger lurks everywhere, history is twisted and even the skies are overrun with dragons. As Camdork, Erik meets the Lady Iliana and instantly recognizes her as the woman he's searched for the last four years.

Iliana wants nothing to do with Camdork and will defy her queen to not marry him. All she sees is the man known as a murderer, whose attack four years before on an innocent maiden haunts her memories.

Iliana has her own secrets, but her unwavering mission is to find the perfect green emerald and restore its power to her people. Camdork stands in her way, and she must kill him so she can secure the safety of everyone she holds dear, including her infant son.

But all does not fall into place, for Camdork is nothing like she expected. She finds a man who seems to care about her causes and begins to endear himself to her heart. He swears he is not Camdork, but as sorcery invades the Keep, threatening the lives of everyone under her care, Iliana knows time is running out before evil overtakes all.

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